Friday, September 26, 2008

The Debate

Barack Obama is intelligent, in command of the facts and showed he understands the global dynamics of 21st century politics. McCain is a Trojan horse for Sarah Palin. McCain was dismissive of a younger leader that is just more prepared to be President. Obama is the one.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Congress To End Affirmative Action For White Men

A bipartisan group of congress announced today they will be introducing legislation to end all affirmative action for white men by January 1, 2009. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said “After 250 years of both government and private sector affirmative action for white men, we believe the time has finally come to tell this group that they must stand on their own. “

This legislation is seen by some congress effort to quell the growing resentment from constituents who have become frustrated that white men cannot seem to get their shit together. For many in the country the proposed 700 billion dollar Wall Street bail out was the final straw. Ms Cora Lee Jones-Smith, President of the Malcolm X Public Housing Tenant Association in Dayton Ohio expressed the country’s frustration when she said: “We have given them the Presidency 44 straight times, we have given them access to the best schools for 200 years, when they ran the Savings and Loan Industry in the ground in the 80’s we bailed them out and once again they get in trouble and they run back to us for another 700 billion dollars. It is time to say to these people get real jobs and get off of the government tab and start taking care of themselves. “

The citizen group “BAIL OUT MY ASS” announced yesterday that over a million citizens signed their online petition asking congress to reject giving white men another 700 billion dollars. Said Joe Santiago the group’s spokesman “Enough is enough. They are even talking about giving foreign white men our money in this bail out. If blacks can endure slavery and within a generation of the ending of Jim Crow elect a president, and If Hispanics can literally walk to this country and immediately began prospering, white men after 200 hundred years of affirmative action ought to be able to clean up their own mess. “

However, Presidential Candidate John McCain said “It would be premature at this point to end affirmative action for white men. We still don’t have enough billionaires and you know by 2050 the country will be majority brown and we need affirmative action for white men to stay in place at least to then”

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Appoint Elliot Spitzer As Attorney General

Remember how Spitzer was burned at the stake for paying for a prostitute? A high-paid, fine-ass prostitute I might add! Many of the folks throwing wood on his funeral fire were Wall Street executives, whom Spitzer as New York Attorney General had relentlessly prosecuted. As the cascading meltdown of major brokerage houses continues, it has become clear that Barack Obama should appoint Spitzer as the next U.S. Attorney General, with the mandate to brining the full weight of the federal government down on every thieving motherfucker on Wall Street, along with their enablers in Washington.

This debacle is not the result of bad business decisions. The banks and brokerages houses created exotic paper instruments that they continually sold and resold to each other collecting staggering fees and paying obscene bonuses on each new transaction. This is organized crime at the highest level.

This is the end game of 20 years of thievery with the blessing of Republican Regulators starting in the Reagan Administration. The Clinton Administration whored themselves out to Wall Street with the same vigor of the republicans. And like the republicans before them and after them, they left government for lucrative Wall Street jobs. Bill Clinton, Raul Emmanuel, and Al Gore all dipped their tip in the Wall Street “Casinos “ as Diane Francis so aptly named them in the Huffington Post.

Let’s call this what it is: The Ultimate White Boy Affirmative Action. This financial meltdown is the result of a relative small group of white men, from a relative small group of schools, who gamed the system for billions of dollars and when the chickens come home to roost, their classmates in Washington bails them out so they can start the plundering all over again. Remember the Savings and Loan bailouts? Financial Guru James Grant said “Capitalism without financial failure is not capitalism at all, but a kind of socialism for the rich”

According to Francis, Spitzer for years attempted to control mortgage practices in courts across the country. His chief adversary was the Bush administration. Spitzer was the most despised person on the street because of his tough stand on corruption at the banks and brokerages houses. And he did this without any support from the SEC, whose job was to prevent the very thing that has happened. The Justice Department was too busy saving the country from street level crack dealers and too failed to take seriously its oversight of this gang rape of the financial markets.

President Obama, with great courage, you turned down Wall Street 20 years ago, for the greater good of your country. Do us one more favor. Appoint Elliot Spitzer as Attorney General and let him do what he does best, lock up these Harvard educated dope dealers, working the most expensive street corner in the world. And if he wants to dress up as a woman and get it on with $5000.00 an hour hookers, I say make it a part of his bonus package. It’s a hell a lot cheaper than giving Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack trillions of dollars of our hard earned money.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Brother Done Got Pissed Off /It’s About Time

First of all the Republicans are attempting to convince the American public that this pig -George Bush-that been pissing all over our country ain’t a pig. Apparently putting lipstick -a woman governor from Alaska- on the pig is supposed to make us forget about the stink. Barack Obama points this insult out and suddenly he is making a sexist remark. Today Barack Obama finally said what a majority of America is thinking “enough is enough.”

If America falls for this foolishness again then we deserve all of the misery that we are presently experiencing

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sarah Girl, I Do Believe I See Your Teeth

They must have failed to feed Vice-Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin before she gave her speech tonight. She went after Barack Obama as if he was red meat. Be careful though, tomorrow is a new day and Obama is the master of the comeback. Palin crossed the line with some of her attacks. And folks living in a glass house should not throw stones. Judging from the steady stream of bad news about America’s new hockey mom, that ain’t plexi-glass, she staring through.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Play That Funky Music White Boys

The dichotomy between the Democrats and Republicans is striking. How can the Republican Party in the most diverse country in the world remain lily white? You almost expect during their convention they will break out an ancient Scottish Ritual and sacrifice a calf or heaven forbid a black man. That in belies their problem. They are not for American values, as much as they are for Anglo-American values.

This incessant need to remind us of “God and Country” gives them the psychological fortitude to keep in place a white supremacist legacy that to this day stifles America role in the world. The subliminal message is that God has blessed the white race and so if we want to say –invade a country without warrant- as long as that country is brown, God blesses us.

It is why the rest of the world seems so enthrall with Obama. After two hundred years, of the white boy club, we need change we can believe in.